We have a few tips and tricks you can use to keep your piece looking brand new.

Before using your watch:

  • Watch our resizing video attentively before adjusting. If adjustment is not done correctly, you may lose or damage your watch. Also, ensure you have enough ventilation between the band and your skin.
  • Remove any protective stickers that may be on your watch.
  • Unlock the crown prior to operating your watch. Set up the correct time. Lock the crown immediately after finishing the operation.

Handling precautions:

  • Avoid getting body lotion, hairspray or perfume on the watch as all this can get stuck in the watch band and it will get dirty.
  • Wipe dirt or moisture from the case and crystal with a soft cloth. On difficult to reach places use a soft toothbrush.
  • Store your watch in a proper location, away from excessively high or low temperatures and high humidity. Best use the original Paul Valentine watch box for that.
  • Consult an authorized service center to change the battery of your watch.
  • Repair the band if you see signs of corrosion or pins come out of it.
  • Avoid strong magnetism or intense static electricity. Don’t drop your watch as all this might damage the watch movement

 Water resistance:

  • Water-resistant to 5 atmospheres. Minor exposure to water (washing face, rain, etc.) and general washing work.

 Precautions and usage limitation:

  • To Avoid Injury:
    • Do not expose your watch to excessively high or low temperature.
    • Do not wear your watch while in a sauna or places where your watch may become excessively hot. 

Keep your watch clean and maintained to have along-lasting sporty watch.